Steph's Let's Be BUILT is her first and most in depth ebook, filled with info, training and videos! She followed this program personally while designing it for YOU! Her total weightloss was just over 15 pounds in 8 weeks with photos to document along the way.


Take a peep at the Table of Contents photos to see how jam packed full of info this program is.


Your training changes every two weeks and you have a corresponding video for every workout!


This program requires a gym and includes:

- Notes: Macros, Flexible Dieting, My Macros & How to Calculate Yours

- Notes: Carbohydrate Cycling & Calculations

- Notes: Menstrual Cycle Warning

- Carb Cycling Diets

- Five Day Training Split

- ~16 to 20 Detailed Workouts with Corresponding Videos

Women's Let's Be BUILT 8 Week Training Program