This "STRENGTH & SHRED" program is a full transformation program including Strength Training, Mobility Exercises, Stretching, Diets & Supplements!


Side effects:

-Improve your strengh & muscle mass

-Improve your mobility & flexibility

-Fat loss

-Improved gut health



- Notes: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, Balanced Diet, Low Carb Diet

- Notes: Diet Guidelines

- Notes: Methods to Muscle Growth

- 12 Detailed Strength Workouts (GYM)

- 6 Detailed Strength Workouts (HOME)

- 18 Circuits

- Mobility Focus Routine

- Five Day Training Split

- Stretching PDF with Videos

- Smoothie & Juice Recipes

- Balanced Diet (Vegan options)

- Low Carb Diet (Vegan options)

- Intermittent Fasting Diet (Vegan options)

- Supplement Links & Discounts

WOMEN'S Four Week Training & Diet Program (Used for September 2018 Challenge)