single band flows

Hey everyone!

I hope you're staying healthy and active during this craziness. Take a moment to stop for a few deep breaths if you're feeling overwhelmed, remembering that this will all go away soon enough.

I'm piling up some books to read, hanging with my pup a little extra, going on walks, stretching extra (I'm NOT flexible) and doing a little extra organizing to keep busy.

In addition, I'll be compiling my Band workouts here for you!

#1 - Band + Rope Booty Burn Circuit

This is one set: ••••••••••••••••••••••••• 15 Jump Rope (or just jump) 5 Shuffle Right 5 In-N-Out Jump Squats 5 Shuffle Left 5 In-N-Out Jump Squats 6 Steps Front Walk 5 In-N-Out Jump Squats 6 Steps Backwards Walk 5 In-N-Out Jump Squats REPEAT once more!!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••

#2 - Single Band Flow

1. 10 abductions each leg 2. 10 total alternating leg squats 3. 10 jump squats 4. 5 get-ups each leg 5. 10 whatever-the-next-move-is-called 6. 10 total shuffle 7. 10 jump squats

Have a great workout! Thank you for your subscription :)