Ankle Weights Workouts

Hey everyone!

I hope you're staying healthy and active during this craziness. Take a moment to stop for a few deep breaths if you're feeling overwhelmed, remembering that this will all go away soon enough.

I'm piling up some books to read, hanging with my pup a little extra, going on walks, stretching extra (I'm NOT flexible) and doing a little extra organizing to keep busy.

Will offer SUPER discounted coaching to our members if anybody is interested! We can work with your equipment and food supplies available to you, taking advantage of this downtime rather than falling into a slump! Just email me and mention that you're a member :)

Did an ankle weight workout today!

Put your sound on and follow along below.

We'll do everything with your left leg and then repeat the same sequence with your right leg, 10 reps each movement!

You'll see me do the movement slowly once, pause, then we begin the set!!

I'm no fitness instructor, but making do with what we've got lol.

If there are Go Macro Bars in my house, they don't last long!!

Have a great workout! Thank you for your subscription :)