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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost for your online coaching programs and why isn't it displayed on the site?

Because our coaching process is very personalized, we like to begin that way too! If you email Steph at YouAreBUILT@gmail.com she can send you the list of prices and answer any of your other questions. She handles our email and your future coaching program personally!

What can I achieve with my Online Coaching Program?

Our online programs are completely custom! We work with a very diverse group of clients, both male and female, young and older, from weight loss or mass gain transformations to hormone optimization, autoimmune disorders, gut health improvement and more. We can also focus on multiple areas simultaneously like improving your acne and finding your abs! Regardless of your goals, you will feel supported, accountable, structed, empowered, and so much more. With the help of a behavioral coach, you will uncover unhealthy behaviors that have been keeping you from achieving your goals on your own so we can achieve them together, and set you up for lasting results.

Do I need a gym membership for my Online Coaching Program?

Absolutely not! Like we mentioned above, our coaching programs are completely customized based on what's available to you, your goals, your schedule, you name it. We can definitely proceed with at-home workouts.

Do I need to purchase a Gold's Gym day pass to train with Justin at The Mecca?

You do unless you're a Gold's member in another state. The cost is about $40 per day... and totally worth it!

Do I get to choose my style of training when I sign up for a session with Justin?

You can! He is open to your input and will definitely add his own twist of wonderful torture.

Can I split up the training and nutrition in my Online Coaching Program?

Unfortunately not. The program is a holistic mind-body approach into your wellness to establish lifechanging and long lasting results. With an emphasis on your fitness and nutrition, we also focus strongly on your mental & emotional well-being, uncovering and turning unhealthy habits into healthy, positive habits, pushing towards your health & fitness goals and maintaining them for a lifetime!

I can't seem to find my motivation lately. What should I do?

Hire Justin for Behavioral Coaching or join Steph's Custom Online Coaching program! Questions like these are great topics to discuss with Justin. Instead of a simple answer (because there likely isn't one), you two can identify the issue and come up with strategies and solutions. Working with Steph, you will find structure, discipline, accountability and support to stay motivated during your program, while deep diving into anything mentally or behaviorally that may have been keeping you from feeling motivated. There's a huge mental component to your coaching so get ready to get rid of unhealthy thinking and habits, and rewire your brain for success.

What happened to the Lovatos Daily?

Don't worry, your subscriptions have been cancelled & Justin will be back! He's decided to host his membership-based content on a different platform so he can share so much more with you! Stay tuned to his Instagram for the relaunch notifications (coming 2021).

I have a problem with the site that I can't resolve.

Just email Steph! You can find her at YouAreBUILT@gmail.com and she's happy to fix any of your technical issues.