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Whether you're local or across the globe, we have a program for you!
Join hundreds of happy clients who have transformed their physical, mental and emotional health. 

Which tool will you use to improve your overall well-being?

Justin's in-person personal training sessions will challenge your physical abilities and get your endorphins flowing! His genuine passion for helping others will also inspire you to go in for the two-in-one and pick his behavioral coaching brain between sets. Leave the gym feeling physically pooped and mentally enlightened.

If you aren't local, we have virtual options too!

Steph's Custom Online Coaching includes training and nutrition components designed specifically for you. No cookie cutter methods, ever!

In addition, she's one with her phone almost all day long waiting for your ding! Program-related or not, you have an open line for communication. Having successfully completely certifications in Brief Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you may think you're signing up for training and nutrition programming alone, but Steph is happy to share so much more.

More details in the Coaching Column below.


Finally, if you feel like you've already nailed the more black and white training and nutrition on your own but there's a grey area toying with your mental and emotional well-being, Justin's Behavioral Coaching Zoom Calls will alleviate many troubles! Relationship issues? Motivational trouble? Sick and tired of your job? Chat with Justin for some life-changing advice.

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Justin Lovato

Services Include:

In-Personal Personal Training

Virtual Behavioral Coaching

Details below!


Steph Lovato

Services Include:

Custom Online Training & Nutrition Coaching

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Personal Training

1-on-1 in personal personal training with Justin in Venice, CA

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Behavioral Coaching

Schedule a free Zoom consultation with Justin

Custom Online Coaching

Schedule a free Zoom consultation with Steph


Steph and Justin,


Thanks for the amazing experience. I've been lifting for years but i've never actually followed a structured program. The workouts challenged me mentally and physically. I struggled to complete them the first week or two. Eventually, I settled into a slower zen-like pace and came to enjoy the longer workouts. I loved the high volume of rack pulls. I can already feel massive improvements in my posture. The workouts and stretches have helped me create a deeper connection with my glutes and hips and it feels amazing. 


The diet has totally simplified my life. Shopping is more organized and the guess work has been taken out. There are plenty of ways to be creative with the food options to make it satisfying and sustainable. This is also the first time I started looking at macros. I found it really helpful and want to continue to track them moving forward. Ultimately it really got me thinking about my relationship with food and how it essential to fuel your body with the best stuff possible. After the meals I felt full but never sluggish or tired. I feel much less bloated and will definitely need to buy less toilet paper lol.


Maybe the best benefit I've found from the program has been my ability to think clearly. Having the discipline, focus and self control to finish workouts, get the sleep, and stay on top of the diet is a challenge. Proving to myself that I can do it makes me feel like the master of my domain. This has boosted my mood and this confidence has affected all aspects of my life.


Overall I'm loving this lifestyle and will continue living it. Feeling happier, healthier, more athletic and limber than ever at age 33 is a blessing. I'm proud of the photos. In just 26 days I can see all kinds of improvements. It looks like I got bigger and smaller at the same time lol. 


I'm walking on sunshine and want to keep going. 

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