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#IAMBUILT to be the best version of me

I will live life to the fullest and spend each day my happiest. 

I will connect with people and share my deepest love.

I will define my own uniqueness and push beyond limits to explore extremes outside of my comfort zones.

I will show the world how extraordinary I can be and I will become what I know I am. 

I am regretless. I am fearless. I am powerful. I am kind.  I am grateful. I am going to overcome any obstacle because I know that every goal is achievable. I will work my hardest and become my strongest until my dreams are my reality.

I determine my success because only I can defeat me.


#IAMBULT for the extraordinary adventure of life and I will live every day at my best. 


What are YOU BUILT for?


Justin, from Venice Beach California, is a Behavioral Coach that uses personal training (physical activity) and nutrition (gut health) as a major tool to help people focus and “see clearly”. This is done in hopes to identify certain self-destructive and unhealthy behaviors. Our goal is not only to become more self-aware in our everyday lives but to also understand that all behaviors are learned, and that unhealthy behaviors can be altered.

You can find Justin out of Golds Gym in Venice California where he does his independent training. If you’re in the area, don’t  hesitate to pick his behavioral coaching brain during a personal training session. If you're all set with training and nutrition, he loves virtual behavioral coaching as well.

Justin will offer perspective with empathy and compassion and help surface the most sustainable and functional vulnerability to help you achieve not only your fitness goals, but mental and emotional goals too. 


Steph, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, is a former gymnast, boxer, lacrosse player and Figure competitor. Her passion for sports and fitness led her into the Human Kinetics program at the University of Guelph where she obtained a BSc. She further completed both Sports and Natural Nutrition certifications, in addition to Brief Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training.


Steph applies her athletics experience and education to her career as a nutritionist and online training and nutrition coach, helping people achieve their fitness and health goals worldwide.


Steph and Justin met at the Mecca, and six weeks later were married! Together they've run BUILT Nutrition & Training for the past seven years and continue to share their love for both each other, health and fitness with the world!