MEN’S 4 WEEK PROGRAM – Used for the March Challenge


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The Program


This four week program is written with the intention to gain muscle & strength, lose fat and promote optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, eliminate inflammation and maximize gut health for improved health overall.

With balanced, whole food sources and flexibility for long term adherence you will feel energized throughout the program, while improving your athletic & aesthetic goals and overall health.


  1. Two different six day training splits with 6 detailed workouts each (Options for longer two hour workouts AND shorter one hour workouts)
  2. Two diets: Low carb & high carb (regular, vegan & vegetarian options for each diet) with an outlined carb cycle
  3. Stretching
  4. Supplement suggestions & links

Diets & programs are pre written and generalized for the majority, with the intention to gain muscle while losing fat & improving overall health & digestion.