Let’s Be BUILT 8 Week Training & Diet Program

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I designed and followed this program for 8 weeks. My progress is displayed along the way with front, back and side photos. Now I want to share it with you so we can be BUILT, strong and healthy together!

*More so targeted at females – Goal: GLUTES, fat loss and muscle gain!! 🙂

Let's Be BUILT – 8 Week Training Program Includes:

– Five to seven day training split (gym equipment required)
– Training, cardio and diet directions for 8 weeks
– 20 different workouts with 16 corresponding training videos
– What are Macronutrients?
– How to calculate YOUR macros
– How to count macros
– My macros and three corresponding diets (as examples when calculating your macros)
– Explanation and benefits of carb cycling
– How to take your calculated macros and further calculate for a carb cycle
– Flexible dieting guidelines + general diet notes and tips
– General hormone trends during your menstrual cycle: what to expect and when to be aware of water retention to avoid stepping on the scale and freaking out!!