Digesting Awareness (Men’s & Women’s)


The Digesting Awareness ebook program discusses seven every day topics including: Nutrition, Training, Discipline, Relationships, Business, Momentum & Balance. A practical component includes a 5 Day Training Split + Stretching with five detailed Bodybuilding workouts + five functional movement workouts & some instructional videos for you to follow.

We hope to broaden your awareness and simplify your approach to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Nutrition: The Holy Grail

Friend or Foe?

Healthy Gut

Mental Health & Autoimmune Diseases

Balanced Hormones

Menstrual Cycle Warning (Women’s Version)

Healthy Relationship with Food

Vacations & Weekends Away

Top 25 Foods to Buy Organic

Diet Types & Techniques

Balanced Diet

Sample Balanced Diet

Intermittent Fasting

Sample Intermittent 16:8 Fasting Diet

Sample Juice Fast Diet

Carb Cycling

Sample Carb Cycle Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Sample Ketogenic Diet

Alkaline Diet

Sample Alkaline Diet

Vegan Diet

Sample Vegan Diet

Bodybuilding Diet

Sample Bodybuilding Diet

Tips for Optimal Digestion

The Ideal Diet

Sample Ideal Diet

Chapter 2 – Training: The Feel (and look) Good Chemicals

Simulating Play & Longevity

Methods to Muscle Growth

Mental Shift for the Feel Goods

Chapter 3 – Discipline: The Practice Of

Staying Motivated

There’s No Such Thing as Retirement

Goal Setting

Chapter 4 – Relationships: The End Goal


The Never Ending Honeymoon Stage

Break Ups

Alone Time

Jealousy & Insecurities

Male & Female Essence

What to Expect from a Partner

Advice to my 18 Year Old Self

Chapter 5 – Business: What’s Your Passion?

Passion & Purpose

Authenticity & Being Genuine

Being a Successful Trainer

Chapter 6 – Momentum: Onward & Upward

Onward & Upward


Chapter 7 – Balance: Let’s Stay Sane!

Balancing Act

Chapter 8 – Practical Component

How to Calculate Your Macros

Diet Guidelines

Daily Supplement Protocol

Five Day Training Split

Day 1 Workouts

Day 2 Workouts

Day 3 Workouts

Day 4 Workouts

Day 5 Workouts

Six Major Stretches


Please note: a download link is accessible immediately upon purchase. You will download a lower resolution document (great for phone and you can open in iBooks). If you don’t receive you link (upon purchase, in your inbox or in your junk) OR you would like the higher resolution desktop document, please email us at: youarebuilt@gmail.com


Thank you!

Justin & Steph