BUILT Training Split Vol. 6: All Angles


BUILT Training Split Vol. 6: All Angles is a six day detailed training split for both men and women, including detailed workouts for Legs (2), Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms and Glutes.

Exercises, notes, reps, sets and rest times are all outlined.
Women’s training excludes the Chest workout. Men’s training excludes the Glutes workout. Both men’s and women’s versions are within the same document, however.

All Angles uses a variety of training methods and techniques for fun, challenging and effective workouts! Techniques include drop sets, high rep & other set sequences, tempo change, pause and stretch, heavy, etc. The combination of methods and selected exercises are intended to improve strength, stamina, muscle size, shape and conditioning in a week’s worth of workouts that can be repeated for weeks at a time!

Document will be downloaded as a PDF file.

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