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BoObIe BlOg

Just recently had my second boob surgery (2014). The first was an augmentation and the second an entire reconstructive procedure that could have likely been avoided had I read something similar to what I’m about to write…


(If you don’t want to read the whole detailed story, I’ll list the similarities and differences between both surgeries at the very end)



Growing up an athlete and gym junkie, alongside genetics, I always had pretty teenie tiny boobs. Always said I would get breast implants one day when I was old enough, so when the timing was right, I did! However, had my breast augmentation research been more thorough, particularly as an athlete and ESPECIALLY as a fitness competitor, I could have saved myself a second surgery and thus time, money, pain, etc!


I was a recent 22 year old, B-cup (barely) university graduate when I realized three things:

1) I was stopping myself from going to the gym or dieting too healthily or playing too many sports because I didn’t want what little boobs I had to disappear even further

2) I wanted to be in a fitness magazine and almost every fitness girl has boobs

3) The timing was pretty much perfect and would be perfect only RIGHT then… before I got stuck at a “real” job unable to take the time off of life


So… I asked around a little bit, barely did any research, made one consultation with one surgeon, and had me new boobs about two weeks later. I was beyond excited!!! The surgeon and I chose saline implants, sizes 360 and 390cc, armpit incision, under the muscle and “like 85% natural looking and 15% fake,” I told him. Day of surgery I showed him a photo on my phone, passed out for about an hour or less, and woke up with an exact replica of the photo and my vague description (after weeks of swelling went down of course).


Lucky for me, I did pick one of the best surgeons in Toronto without extensive research. And to be honest, not once will I blame him for things going wrong because I don’t think it had anything (or much) to do with his work. Rather, it had more to do with my lack of research about the ideal breast implant (type, placement and incision location) as an athlete and fitness competitor. I didn’t even once mention to him during my consultation that I intended on competing so while helping me decide on the details of my upcoming procedure, I didn’t give him the chance to consider the variables: weight fluctuation with competition, achieving such a high level of leanness, muscle growth, and of course training itself. And little had I known, they would all negatively affect my once perfect implants!


Anyways, healing process over (details to come) and I have this fresh set of boobs and I’m ready to compete! I can finally get as lean as humanly possible without worry that my breasts may end up concave lol. SO… I train my life away! Happy as can be! Train, get lean, compete, get fat, train harder, gain muscle, get wider, train more, shoulders broaden, do a million pushups, get lean again, compete again, get fatter than I did the time before, ETCETERA!



Over the course of about two years of training and competing, I managed to fluctuate my weight dramatically a few times (+/- 20 pounds probably), and surprisingly a lot of which was muscle (in the long run… not every time, oops). As a result, not only did I naturally sit about 25 pounds heavier than when I initially had my surgery, but my shoulders broadened, back muscles developed and I had contracted my pecs so many times that they moved my implants back and forth between their incision location (armpits) and where they once sat. Every contraction carved the tunnel between my pits and chest more and more, and over time I finally realized my implants were gradually displacing laterally where they would eventually permanently hang out…. I achieved armpit boobs!!!  And I literally had abs between my boobs. FML!


Finally after about two more years of double padded push-up bras and still no cleavage, I looked into what’s involved in getting my implants fixed…




THIS TIME, I put a bit more thought into things. I asked several fitness girls their type and size of implant, under or over the muscle, and incision location to get a better idea of what was the most common amongst women in the fitness industry. I too asked the opinions of professionals, made consultations with surgeons to see what they would suggest, if they could explain what had happened and made sure they understood my desired outcome post surgery both short and longterm. Of course I don’t want this to just happen all over again!


Picking a surgeon was easy! Because I found THE BEST one. EVER! People asked if it was tough to choose or trust someone after having problems the first time around, but like I mentioned above, I put a lot of the blame on myself lol. Choosing Dr. Glen Vallecillos felt like a breeze. I explained my situation as he listened, understanding already exactly what had gone wrong. With complete confidence, he told me exactly what would need to be done, what type of implant he recommended, gave me a couple incision options… all lining up perfectly with the research I had done on my own. He demonstrated such certainty, coolness, professionalism, trust, loyalty and excitement (the list goes on!) to help me all in a matter of a twenty minute consultation. Never once did I feel like I was being thrown a sales pitch (like other places), he was willing to answer any and all questions, and in all honesty it helped that he goes to my gym! Along with coming highly recommended and performing about 5 breast augmentations a week, he had the utmost confidence to take on my complicated surgery knowing he would have to see me every day. That felt pretty reassuring when making my decision! Dr Vallecillos’ cool, professional and beyond intelligent vibe sold me easy peasy. He was definitely who I wanted to be operating on armpit-titted meeee.

Some great questions to ask during a consultation can be found here:



We decided on smooth round moderate plus profile gel implants. Basically a detailed way to describe a silicone implant. No more saline!

There are some differences (shape, size, texture, profile) that I’m not going to explain in detail but can be found on the above site, but I will explain some differences between silicone and saline below before I get into the other details about our decision.




Saline is less risky than silicone. If a saline implant ruptures, it’s noticeable within days and its saltwater fluid contents just harmlessly absorb into your body.  Silicone implant ruptures are more difficult to notice; often only noticeable by an MRI. When the implant breaks, the leaking silicone stays in the body. It can sometimes spread outside the breast and into distant lymph nodes… and this could get complicated and expensive!



Saline implants are more prone to ripple… and mine did. They also felt like a half filled water balloon when you poked around. However, they had a very natural look and nice shape (before they shifted). A lot of people who I noticed with beautiful implants all said theirs were saline. I loved mine before they got ruined!

Silicone is said to feel more like real breast tissue, and they do! They’re pretty squishy. I think they’re also desirable if you’re hoping to achieve a faker look. Again though, all based on the type you choose: size, shape, texture and profile.



Saline implants are filled after they’re implanted and can be more easily adjusted after surgery. According to the internet, months later, you could decide to increase or decrease the size of your saline implants without surgery. The surgeon can use a syringe to put in more liquid or take it out. HOWEVER, no idea if surgeons offer this or how much it would cost! Didn’t look into it.

Silicone implants are prefilled, so the size is predetermined. In order to change your silicone implant size, it’s an entire surgery.



Again for sizing, I was pretty vague lol, but I trusted he would make them perfect! I wanted them “to fit my now wider frame, bit bigger than proportional but not pornstar big to the point where my boobs are the first and only thing you notice about me” is what I told him 😉 (and exactly what I got). We went from 360 and 390cc saline implants to 575 and 600cc silicone implants. However, due to my larger frame now than in 2010, the proportions looks about the same! SURPRISINGLY I still fit into most of my old bras and bathing suits, and I guess it’s because I now have cleavage (Dr. Vallecillos opened up my upper chest… you’ll read about that in a sec). Half of my boob sits in the bra and half is cleave, where as before, basically my whole implant would take up my bra ha.



The implant would remain under the muscle because my chest skin is so thin that if they were above, they could potentially eventually start to drop causing droopy boobs with stretch marks. Not to mention they would be more likely to look VERY round and VERY fake, again because my skin is soooo thin (also why you could see the saline ripples). I basically pictured it as practically gluing the silicone to myself from the outside hah. So under the muscle it was, allowing my pecs to act as protection to the implants.



Incision would be in the nipple. I had the option of under the breasts too. Didn’t make much difference to me either way because the scars fade to practically nothing and it’s only about an inch long. Armpit was out of the question though, obviously to prevent the problem from reoccurring.



Dr. Vallecillos would reattach my pec muscle where it had been detached laterally (to get the first set of implants from my armpits to my chest), reducing the chance of a second lateral displacement, and also open up some of my upper medial chest so I could finally have some cleavage! YAY!

Of course he wouldn’t know exactly what work had been done on (well, in) me for my first breast augmentation until I was opened up the day of surgery, so it was pretty cool to know that he was willing to redo someone else’s work, not knowing if it was in complete shambles or not, and only having a little nipple incision to work with. MIIINNNNDDD BLLOOOWWIINNGGG!!!



Anyways, anxiously awaited surgery day, both excited to find out wtf was going on in there and for new boobs, of course! Very impressively, basically everything he predicted was accurate. My pec muscle was very detached (not anymore woohooooo) and another thing he told me was that my capsule was very thin. Let me quickly explain that: after having a breast implant, your body will create a capsule of fibrous scar tissue around the implant as part of the healing process. This is a natural reaction that occurs when any foreign object is surgically implanted into the body. Over time, the scar tissue will begin to shrink.

A thin capsule may also explains why my initial implants had so much room to move around. At least that’s my own hypothesis… I didn’t verify that one so I could be totally wrong haha.


So back to surgery day. It was a breeze! For me at least. The procedure was complicated, as predicted, but went super smoothly and all according to plan. I knocked out and woke up without any problem, and immediately felt like a new woman haha. Not exactly, but basically!

Justin picked me up when I was ready to go home shortly after waking up and I began recovery mode!



Both recoveries were about the same. If I was just replacing one implant with another, or just increasing size, or something simpler, the second time around could have been simple compared to the first. But because I have several internal stitches, both recovery processes were about a week of staying practically bed-ridden, getting up here and there, doing things, but doing them super carefully. The second week I was able to go places (even by the end of the first THIS time), do more things, but still with caution. It’s been two weeks post surgery that I’m typing this, and I’ve been to the gym a handful of times just for some pretty easy cardio and leg extensions. Internally I won’t be fully healed until about 6 weeks from now (8 weeks total), so no lifting until then. By the end of next week, it feels like I’ll be basically back to feeling 100%! Never was the pain extremely unbearable (either time), just more so an inconvenience. Definitely manageable for just about anyone! And worth it!



So from here forward… I will be more careful and NOT train chest! I’m glad I did my research even though it was a little late. And glad I found a great surgeon who ensured everything worked out as planned.



  1. Stool softeners. I don’t care if this grosses anyone out haha, it’ll actually save your life. First time around I was warned and I listened, but this time I couldn’t be bothered and I regret it SO badly… uuggghhh. To put it very bluntly, the anesthesia plus pain medication makes it so you don’t poo for days, and when you do, it’s LONG and HARD (the process and the poop itself) and PAINFUL. I cried. Kind of good that you don’t poop right away because it would be very hard to wipe. And an easy fix… fiber and stool softeners and you’re laughin’!


  1. Be at a weight you’re happy with so you can gauge your proportions properly and prevent future revisions. For instance, if I were to lose 30lbs right now, my boobs would look like size DDDDDDDD on me, whereas now, they’re “a bit bigger than proportional” just like I wanted!


  1. Research and ask questions! Learn what’s ideal for your body type and lifestyle, your budget, the look you’re trying to achieve, what surgeon suits you best… everything! If you want 100% fake looking boobs that sit at your chin versus natural looking implants, then make that very clear because (depending on your body of course) both are feasible. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Think long term, but also make sure you get what you want!


  1. Prepare to have a second surgery SOME DAY down the road. Not necessarily due to complications that may occur, but you may want bigger, smaller, faker, whatever. Also just know that implants often do need to be replaced sometime in your lifetime. Not always, but they’re not guaranteed to last forever. Just a heads up 🙂


  1. Almost anyone I talk to with fake boobs wish they went larger. Gentlemen, you’re welcome hehe.



I don’t regret ever getting implants. They’ve caused me a little bit of a pain in the butt (yep, literally too you now know), but they’re worth it. Definitely could have gotten through life without them lol, but I’ve always wanted them and considering we all only have one life to live… figured why the hell not just get them! They’re fun, make my clothes fit better, and get me waaayyyy more free drinks. Just kidding lol, kind of. Does feel good to feel like a woman rather than a 12 year old boy though! Confidence makes everything better 🙂


Hope this helps anyone looking into a breast augmentation!

















Dr. Lista

Dr. Glev Vallecillos



Beverly Hills


Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation & Reconstruction











360 & 390cc

575 & 600cc



34-36C/D (not 100% sure yet)






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